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Learn Skills Save Lives - Teaching First Aid to Children

£1.00 - £2.50 pp + VAT

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Give us a call to discuss your requirements as these can vary greatly from school to school and age group to age group.


The ‘Learn Skills Save Lives’ program for schools is designed to give children of all ages the essential life saving skills to act in an emergency situation. From calling an ambulance to carrying out CPR, we can pass on the necessary knowledge and skills to make the difference.

One Off Training Sessions

For reception age children we do a short informal session of 30 minutes, telling them how to recognize an emergency and how to summon help.

For older children we have a choice of a basic, 45 minute, or advanced, 1 ½ hour, session.  These sessions normally include:


Calling the ambulance                        Recovery Position                  

Managing Incidents                            Checking for breathing

Advanced All the above plus:

Wounds and Bleeding                         CPR

Fractures                                           Nose Bleeds

Casualty Simulation (extra 30 minutes)

We will use casualty simulation techniques to make up injuries on a number of children and allow others to practice the skills they have learnt.

Rolling Programme

We can deliver this as a progression based program, taking the children through different subjects each year to build up an overall picture of multiple first aid skills.

The following subjects are taught to each age group:

Year Group

Subjects Taught


Cost + vat


Calling 999, What's an emergency

30 min

£1.00 per pupil

Year 1

Primary Survey, Casualty Care & Recovery Position

45 min

£1.50 per pupil

Year 2

Asthma, Choking (back slaps only) & Fainting

45 min

£1.50 per pupil

Year 3

Poisons, allergic reactions, bites & stings

1 hr 30 min

£1.50 per pupil

Year 4

First aid kit, minor wounds & bruises, nose bleeds, epilepsy & head injuries

1 hr 30 min

£2.50 per pupil

Year 5

Serious bleeding, burns and shock

1 hr 30 min

£2.50 per pupil

Year 6

Primary survey, CPR, chest pain & strokes

1 hr 30 min

£2.50 per pupil

We can tailor the timetable to your needs and work around the timings of the school, ensuring the children still have their regular breaks, playtime and lunch.

Lessons can be conducted in year groups or class groups, it’s your choice! We have a number of trainers available and lessons can be conducted simultaneously if required.


Cost:    Reception Classes (only 30 mins) - £1.00 per pupil

             Basic First Aid/KS1 (45 mins) - £1.50 per pupil

             Advanced First Aid/KS2 (1 1/2 hrs) - £2.50 per pupil

             Casualty Simulation (1 hour) – additional £1.50 per pupil