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Positive Intervention Training

£35 - £50 + VAT


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This course is run as a closed course within an educational establishment to ensure that we are covering your specific policies.  Call or email to book a course for your staff.


School staff, including teachers, teaching assistants and lunchtime supervisors often have to deal with children with behavioural issues. This can sometimes lead to situations where physical intervention is necessary to protect the child, the staff and property.

ERFA have developed a one day and half day affordable courses, to address these issues and to provide concise and practical information to give educational staff the confidence to deal with behavioural issues legally and safely. 

The one day course is suitable for inexperienced staff such as NQT’s and new teaching support staff.

The half day course is aimed at experienced staff or staff who may have attended similar training in the past.

Both courses give opportunity for discussion and will include subjects such as:

  • Behavioural policies and risk assessments – Why do you need them?
  • Functions of behaviour – Recognising and dealing with bad behaviour before it reaches crisis
  • Physical Intervention & The use of force – What the law says you can do.
  • Dealing with allegations and complaints – Protecting yourself. Record, report, review.


These courses can be delivered during the school day or INSET days at your premises or ours.

Duration: One day or half day

Cost: One day £50 (£60 Inc vat) per person 

Half day £35 (£42 Inc vat) per person